On Renting

Rental Hours

Port Saint John has rental packages designed for day time business functions (8:00am-4:00pm) and full day events on week days or weekends (8:00am-2:00am). Please discuss your event start and end times with your venues coordinator.

Securing Your Date

In order to reserve and confirm your space, we require the signed Venue Rental Agreement and a $500 damage deposit. For all corporate events, an invoice will be issued after the event and the damage deposit will be refunded, pending our facility assessment. Port Saint John reserves the right to require invoice payment be paid in full, in advance of the event, depending on the event nature.

Room Set-Up

Port Saint John will happily try to meet your needs for room set-up.
Please submit all room set-up requirements to our venues coordinator no later than two weeks prior to your room rental date. This includes guest-count, side table requirements and timings. Minor revisions to the room are permitted up to two days prior to the rental date. A final decision on the use of the rooftop must be made 24 hours prior to the event date.

Decor and Personal Property

This is where you get creative.

Feel free to decorate the room the way you want, but there are a few rules: no taping, no open flame, and no blocking.
All signage and décor is to be free standing. Nothing is to be affixed to the terminal building walls or windows for any reason. All candles used in the facilities must be in an enclosed container. Fire exits are there for a reason and blocking them is strictly prohibited.

Anything you place in Port Saint John’s facilities before, during or after your event is your responsibility. Everything must be removed from the facilities prior to the end of the rental period. Due to limited storage, no deliveries are to be made to the facility prior to the date of booking.


You are welcome to hire the photographer of your choice. Access to restricted areas, such as the pier is sometimes possible but must be arranged ahead of time and approved by the Saint John Port Authority.


Clients are encouraged to use Port Saint John’s preferred audio-visual supplier, Encore Global. They work directly with their clients to determine lighting, sound, screen and décor requirements.

Only Encore Global Presentation Services technicians may operate the integrated audio-visual equipment in the Fundy Room.

For information and rental rates, please contact:
tel: (506) 635-1374 email: mike.belliveau@encoreglobal.com



We are happy to include Uptown guest parking with your event package. Guests are able to leave their cars in the lot overnight, however they must be removed by 10:00 a.m. of the next morning. Parking space is subject to availability and Port operations.


The Port is a secure facility and requires 24/7 security operations.
With that in mind, Port Saint John Security and all Port personnel are to be allowed free access to the areas at all times. General security has been built in to our packages but if you require additional hours to your rental, a nominal fee will apply.

Trusted Suppliers

We understand the complexity of an event and the importance of supplier synergy. Feel free to ask our staff about recommended professionals.

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